Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

Animatronic Walking Dinosaur Costumes for Shop

On 19th October,one customer from Savannah named Scot sent an enquiry through about purchasing dinosaur costume from our company. He told that he wanted two different costumes for his shop promotion during Christmas Day. Then i introduced one raptor costume and one t-rex costume which is the hottest and best popular product in our factory. I sent pictures and video of walking raptor puppet and t-rex puppet to him by email. After he have seen it, he is very satisfied and he is very interested in our dinosaur puppet product. Finally,he has ordered two animatronic walking dinosaur costumes from our company on 21th October.

I promise to him that we need five days to make dinosaur costumes done. Because we have made done mechanical structure inside and skin of these robotic dinosaur costumes in advance in our factory. We just paint them according to customer requirements. So we have finished these two animatronic dinosaur costumes on 26th October. Meanwhile,i show pictures and video of these two robotic walking dinosaur puppet to Scot at same day and he said it is very fantastic and awesome of our dinosaur puppet product. He also showed it to his son and his family. They all like it very much.

On 27th October,we have received total payment from Scot. And i make an arrangement for transporation att same day. Then we put each dinosaur costume into one wooden box(3m long*0.85m width*1.1m high) to protect not to damage during transportation.It needs about four days from our factory(Zigong City) to Shanghai port by track to deliver these two animatronic dinosaur costumes. And it needs about 30 days from Shanghai port to Savannah Port by ship to deliver these two animatronic walking dinosaur puppets.

Scot and his family is waiting for his two dinosaur costumes right now........