Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

Animatronic dinosaur factory products Dilophosaurus

Two-Crested Lizard
Early Jurassic - 190 to 200 million years ago
Western USA and possibly China

To date, Dilophosaurus has been the largest animatronic dinosaur meat-eater of the early Jurassic Period found. With an opposable digit, it was able to grasp prey tightly while its powerful claws were able to tear flesh from both living prey and dead carcasses. The double crests above the snout of Dilophsaurus were not attached to the skull and may have been strictly for display purposes, dinosaur suit much like a peacock. If so, dinosaur costume the female of the species would most likely not have a crest.

Roof Lizard
Late Jurassic - 150 million years ago
Western North America and Europe(Portugal)

Whether battling its own kind or predators, Stegosaurus could swing its two pairs of tail spikes (each up to 4 feet long) as awesome defensive weapons. The 17 bony dorsal plates arranged alternately along its spine may have served as armor, a mating display, heat regulation, or all three. These plates may have allowed Stegosaurus to appear larger, thereby discouraging enemy attack.