Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

chuangying vivid largest animatronic dinosaur

chuangying vivid largest animatronic dinosaur
NAME    Allosaurus
MEANS    Different Lizard
PERIOD   Late Jurassia - 150 million years ago
WHERE  Midwest USA: Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South   Dakota,Utah, Wyoming; also Europe(Portugal) and Africa

As North America's largest predator in the Jurassic Period(before Tyrannosaurus rex arrived in the Cretaceous), largest animatronic dinosaur Allosaurus had a lifespan of 30 years but was sexually mature at ten. Like Yangchuanosaurus, two ridged crests on its snout may have signaled its health and breeding potential to prospective mates. Recent research shows Allosaurus interaction with its kind was largely aggressive rather than cooperation,including during mating.

Deceptive Lizard
Late Jurassic - 150 million years ago
North America: Mexico, USA (Utah,Wyoming,Colorado)

Lumbering through the flatlands, largest dinosaur Apatosaurus consumed vast amount of vegetation (200 kilograms or 440 lbs!) daily to satisfy the needs of its immense body.Size was one of the best forms of protection that guarded Apatosaurus from predators.animatronic dinosaur That and the 50 foot tail which may have cracked like a whip creating a warning sound alerting others in the group of danger.