Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China


artificial animal,artificial dinosaur model
      Name:Plaza park
      Project Description:Putting a 18m mamenchisaurus in the center of plaza attracted many people's attention and a continous line of  people to take pictures. in the exhibition,real dinosaur costume,walking dinosaur,animatronic dinosaur,real dinosaur,realistic dinosaur model,mechanical dinosaur on sale,life size dinosaur,simulation animal,dinosaur for sale,indoor artificial dinosaur.

artificial insect
      Name: Toronto Zoo 
      Project Description This exhibition was held in Canada Toronto zoo in May,2007, which is a collection of simulation dinosaurs, simulation dinosaur skeletons, typical specimens in large dinosaur theme exhibition, caused echo in Toronto)  

dinosaur fossil factory
      Name:Cincinnati Museum
      Budget:One million RMB
      Project Description:Cincinnati Museum ,one of the most famous natural museum in America,covers a area of 5000 square meters.As the largest Natural History Museum with animatronic dinosaur theme in west America,Cincinnati Museum has been receiving a warm welcome of the locals and receiving an endless tream of vistors everyday. they buy dinosaurs include animatronic realistic  dinosaur ,mechine dinosaur,ride on dinosaur, dinosaur skeleton,real dinosaur costume and so on.

artificial dinosaur fossil
      Name:dinosaur exhibition
      Bugdget:550000 RMB
      Project Description:Putting a 15 mamenchisaurus in the center of plaza attracted many people in an incredible sight.


fiberglass dinosaur model
      Budget:600000 RMB
      Project Description:The project,as the first indoor exihibition project with robot dinosaur theme and covering a area of 2000 square meters,was concerned by many local people and interviewed and reported by local medias. they buy dinosaurs include dinosaurs suit  for sale, real dinosaurs,dinosaur costumes adult, dinosaur fossil, dinosaur skeleton,animatronic dinosaurs on sale,dinosaur riding  and so on.

dinosaur skeleton and fossil
      Name:Dinosaur Park
 Budget:1,200,000 RMB
      Occupied area:12000 square meters
      Projict Description:About 28 animatronic dinosaurs have been exported to Russia,including 20m T-rex,12m Brachiosaurus,8m Triceratops,8m Allosourus,big Gorilla of 4m high,mammoth,ride dinosaur,robot dinosaur,dinosaur costume,real dinosaur,and  dinosaur fossil etc.

dinosaur fossil for sale
      Name:Thailand Natural Museum
      Budget:400000 RMB
      Project Description:The project ,major in dinosaur skeleton,dinosaur fossil,ride dinsoaur,outdoor real dinosaur,animatronic  dinosaur sale costume and animatronic dinosaurs outside,has a good influence in locals.

dinosaur skeleton maker
      Name:Dubai Dinosaur Exhibition
      Budget:700000 RMB
      Project Description:The project is a indoor exhibition with about 28 animatronic dinosaurs,dinosaurs costume,dinsour rides,dinosur suit,dinsoaur fossils,dinsoaur skeleton and including 20m T-rex,12m Brachiosaurus,8m Triceratops,8m Allosaurus,4m big Gorilla and mammoth etc.

dinosaur replica,dinosaur puzzle
      Name:Jurassic Park
      Budget:800000 RMB
      Project Description:As the only one Jurassic Park in north Ireland,the park bought a 25m T-rex(animatronic dinosaur,robot dinosaur,real dinoaur,realistic dinosaur costume,simulation dinosaur,artificial dinosaur) as a sign visible in 2 miles.

dinosaur head fossil
      Name:Wonder of Dinosaurs,LLC 
      Budget:1.85 million RMB
      Project Description:They bought 55 robot dinosaurs,dinosaur costume,animatronic dinosaur,dinosaur fossil,dinosaur skeleton etc,  including a 20m brachiosaurus and a 15m T-rex standing in the center of park in a 18500 square meters area.Many local meidia have  interviewed and reported the project when opening.

dinosaur fossil factory
      Name: Rodzinny Park Atrakcji---Dino Park
      Budget:600000 RMB
      Occupied Area:3000 square meters
      Project Description:The park is a large outdoor amusement park with 1000 square meters dinosaur area with 15 animatronic  dinosaurs,walking dinosaur costume,robot dinosaur,dinosaur fossil,dinosur skeleton.These animatronic dinosares can mouth open   and close with synchronized with dinosaur sound,foreleg move,stomach breath,tail sway and eyes blink,attracting many visitors.