Animatronic Dinosaur Factory From China

simulation dinosaur factory products Styracosaurus

Name Means: Ostrich mimic
Period: The Late Cretaceous - 80 million years ago
Where: North America:Alberta, Canada and Montana, USA
Fossil Dimension: 5.5 Meters Long
Styracosaurus was a dinosaur suit that walked on four short legs. This large plant
-eater had a six-spiked frill projecting from the back of its skull.These spikes
and the horn probably provided protection from predators, and were possibly
used in mating rituals and rivalry. It had a short, thick, pointed tail, a large,
bulky body, a large skull and a beak. Styracosaurus hatched from eggs, and
the young may have been cared for by parents.

Name Means: Mamenxi (Ferry) lizard
Period: the late Jurassic Period, from about 156 million to 145 million years ago
Where: China
Fossil Dimension: about 70 to 80 feet (21 to 25 m) long
Mamenchisaurus was a long-necked, long-tailed, quadrupedal, plant-eating animatronic dinosaur. Mamenchisaurus had the longest neck of any known dinosaur, except the newly found Sauroposeidon. Mamenchisaurus held its neck more-or-less horizontally (parallel to the ground). Mamenchisaurus may have travelled in herds and possibly migrated when they depleted their local food supply.Mamenchisaurus moved slowly on four legs (as determined from fossilized tracks and its leg length and estimated mass).